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Products & Services provided but not limited to:

  • Search and rescue with thermal imaging capabilities ( always free of charge!)

  • UAV / sUAS ground school Flight instruction

  • FAA Part 107 Study classes and curriculum Study materials

  • First responder thermal imaging packages buy FLIR

  • Waterproof aircraft sales and service

  • Residential / Commercial Photography

  • land survey video or pictures (optional Land boundary overlay is available)

  • Family home estate portrait (four season packages available)

  • Sporting events

  • Smoke/Flare Stacks

  • Special or custom projects contact us with your specifics.

  • Industrial Inspections

  • Insurance claims / flight instruction for insurance companies

  • Luxury Watercraft Marketing interior / Mobile exterior

  • HD Home / business aerial photo(s) or video interior exterior.

  • Auto Dealership Marketing

  • Business Development Marketing

  • Land Scape Contractors Pre / Post project Marketing

  • Road building Contractors pre / Post project clearing Marketing

  • Tree Removal Contractors Marketing both light removal and Utility Survey

  • News and Accident Coverage for local News Stations.

  • Local municipality planning Survey.

  • Construction Progress, Updates From signal level to high rise. (mirror image flight path)

  • Roof and structure inspections

  • Golf Course Marketing and Flyovers

  • Agriculture Inspections

  • Insurance Claim Adjustments

  • Pre / Post-Disaster Documentation

  • Industrial Security Surveys

  • Inaccessible/Coastal Terrain

  • Cellular/Utility Towers / power Lines / Pipeline inspections

  • Thermal imaging services for utilities and building infrastructure

Our Areas of Expertises

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Our courses are specifically designed to not only prepare students for a solid background in aviation knowledge, to help them operate small unmanned air systems,…
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Having the perfect photos and video can make all the difference when it comes to getting that property sale. Being able to wow your potential clients with the kind of…
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Sporting events are so popular all over, be-it private snow boarding in the North East to …
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Airborne Works strives on safely capturing aerial footage that will highlight your unique vision and produce …
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Many advantages can be obtained through the use of Aerial photos or video. From a simple …
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Many advantages can be obtained through the use of Aerial photos or video. Construction projects especially …
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  • Receive Free FAA Study Guide



  • Receive Free FAA Study Guide



  • Receive Free FAA Study Guide



  • Construction Projects

    Whether planning out your next construction project or simply looking for a different perspective as the building process unfolds, aerial photography and videography provide a viewpoint that few other mediums can come close to matching.

    Our specialized flight control systems can record and track the exact flight pattern and altitude used by our drone, enabling you to chart the progress over the life of your project from the same perspective each and every time.

    We can also provide you with high-quality HD video that can be used in the marketing of your commercial properties upon completion of your project. With Airborne Works, the options are virtually endless.

    As with all of our projects, safety is always our priority. Our drones are operated by professional pilots and photographers with years of experience.

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