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The amazing advancements in sports cameras in recent years has truly revolutionized the way that we view sporting events. From body mount to aquatic sports cameras, you are sure to capture some epic shots! With the advent of UAV technology you now can add the amazing perspective of aerial view to any sporting event, however it’s a delicate balancing act between your rights and public safety. The FAA requires anyone utilizing this technology must register the aircraft even if it’s not for commercial use .55 pounds to 55 lbs Registered with FAA. Further if you are utilizing this Technology around crowds or in any commercial application you must then comply with all FAA Regulations


As one of the nation’s first part 107 licensed UAV operators we can provide professional
photography and video services services across the country for professional UAV photography and video services for any sporting event. Contact us for a quote , or better yet why not Learn to Fly your own event? Airborne Works offers effective navigation through the complex maze of FAA regulations that must be adhered to. Our ground and flight training school curriculum simplifies the process for you. The student will not only learn to safety fly these aircraft, you further receive proven effective study materials and assistance that will help to assure you obtain your FAA Airman’s License when you sit for the test. Best of all we can come to you!


Safe National Airspace for all to enjoy while you utilize some of the most amazing flight control systems to capture epic commercial grade video and photography of your sporting events. All of our students Will receive unlimited support so that we can help you benefit from the latest technologies as they become available! We look forward to seeing your amazing work!

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Frequently Airborne Works will offer discount packages for sporting events and in many cases free services to nonprofit organizations to help promote the cause . If you have a sporting event coming up and you would like us to provide a quotation, or if you would like to learn to fly your own events, please fill out the following form:

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