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Airborne Works is seeking experienced pilots from all over the globe to work with us particularly in the US. We are lining up clients that request us to shoot commercial and residential shots for their clients all over the country and we want to build a network of professional drone pilots to satisfy this growing need.

We are setting up a special group page within our Facebook page that we would like you to join!
Here we can collaborate on projects and funnel each other work in our respective markets and share tech tips and set up events. The goal will be for us all to benefit from the growth of this industry. This will further allow us to be able to get a foothold in the marketplace and build our reputations as highly professional pilots which will be required moving forward, based on Part 107 from the FAA.

If you are absolutely serious and passionate about being a professional involved in this industry please join us!

The candidates that wishes to work with Airborne Works on this collaboration must have the following minimum in place or shortly in place to qualify:

#1 Proof of either a FAA part 61 pilots license or a 333 exemption or pass the pending the part 107 FAA aeronautical basic knowledge test ( August 2016)

#2 Proper liability insurance, no less than $1 million

#3 Be proficient in drone flight or have some type a portfolio of videos or photographs

#4 Aircraft must have the ability to shoot at least HD 720p Min

#5 Not a deal breaker but the ability to do high quality post editing for clients (we can help with this if needed)

#6 Have a Web Site presence (We can help with this if needed)

We hope you are in a position to join us, we look forward to working with you in the amazing growth of this exciting industry!

Charleston SC


Los Angeles

San Diego California

Other Places