UAV Donation Program

Help us support our first Responders

Please join Airborne Works and help us support the nations first responders and Police departments through our national drone donation initiative program. We are building a database of mostly volunteer departments and police departments across the country that have expressed to us the need for this tech to help protect the communities they serve. And provide added protection to the men and woman that serve! This initiative will provide free drones to any department in need.

As the technology changes and we as drone operators, both commercial and private update our hardware from time to time, it would go a long way if you considered donating your used UAV to this great cause. You may take it as a tax deduction we will provide a donation receipt with the resale value of the aircraft and any ancillary hardware. Imagine the impact your donation could have on a local community in need of this technology but unable to afford it, due to the inflated cost of the Drone Monopoly.

The Airborne Works team hears from many departments across the country about how unaffordable this tech is, yet how valuable a tool it would be!

We will also publish on our website your name and or company with a logo web link, and we will also list the recipient department that you helped with your donations, and we will ask that recipient department that receives a drone to keep us posted on just how they use the hardware to help protect the communities they serve. We will also be working with local news media outlets to make public, not only the department that received the donation but even your name and or company. We feel it is imperative that the population receive education as to the value of these essential tools.

We request that your donation meet the following requirements:
#1 The UAV must be in safe flying condition with controller
#2 It must have at least one working flight battery with charger
#3 It must have a moving camera ( gimbaled is preferred but not required)
#4 No race drones, please.
#5 You must be willing to ship it to our facility, we will make all other arrangements with the receiving department for delivery.
#6 A case is not required but would nice to add if you are able.

Other ways to donate:

Community involvement: If you are a resident of a town or city and would like to create a fundraising campaign for your local department, we will make available our website for you to post your fundraising events. 100% of all donations will go to the program that supports the department of your choice. There will be no charge at all to host your information on our webpage! We will also attempt to involve local media as well to maximize the exposure to your event(s)

Corporate Donors:

Many businesses across this country have benefited from the services of the brave men and woman that risk their lives to save others and or their property. You never know when the need will arise to protect your business, why not consider a donation to our program. It is 100% tax deductible, and it tells the community that your business supports your local first responders!

Best of all, you choose the direction the donation goes if you wanted to stay local to your community or if you want to add to our national program it is 100% your call.

Drone Manufacture:

What better way could you possibly give back to the communities that support your business? Why not consider donating refurbished, slightly used, Or even a new drone to our national drone donation program? So that, together we can help departments across the country Get the tools that they need.

It’s tax deductible, It’s great PR, and you will be assisting in Protecting communities and possibly even saving lives!

If you have any questions about this initiative, Please email us at
if you would like to donate You may also send an email to or click on the link here. In the subject line, please write “donation info” we will then forward a short form so that we may collect the required data for our donation database. And then contact you personally to address all questions and make arrangements to obtain your donation. Please help us spread the word about this outstanding program, so together we may help support our nations first responders with these valuable tools. Thank you in advance for your interest and support. Also if you have any feedback on how to make this program better, we would love to have your input! We will also accept donations of your time to help keep this site up and going.