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Many real estate & property management agencies both large and small are now starting to implement UAV technology in an effort to gain the edge over thecompetition.
From commercial properties too high end residential estates, implementing UAV technology is a real advantage! FAA Regulations require If you are implementing this technology in any commercial venture (including real estate property video / photography) an operator must register the aircraft and obtain a part 107 license and may be subject to fines if they fail to do so.


As one of the nation’s first part 107 licensed UAV operators we can provide services cross the country for professional UAV photography and video services. Contact us for a quote or better yet why not Learn to Fly your own project? Airborne Works offers effective navigation through the complex maze of FAA regulations that must be adhered to. Our ground and flight training school curriculum simplifies the process for you. The student will not only learn to safety fly these aircraft, you further receive proven effective study materials and assistance that will help to assure you obtain your FAA Airman’s License when you sit for the test. Best of all we can come to you!


Safe National Airspace for all to enjoy while your agency meets all requirements and stands out above your competition providing you a unique advantage over your competitors. In turn offering your clients creative ways to Increase listing visibility in order to make the sale!

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