Update On The State of FAA Part 107

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Where is Part 107 at and where will the FAA be taking it in the future? Jason our partner at Remotepilot101.com has some insight and put together a quick video sharing what we know and what the FAA shared with him. You can watch it at the link below: https://remotepilot101.com/the-state-of-part-107/ Also if you missed our email [...]

The Future of FAA Waivers and Authorizations

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We have just received this important FAA update from our training partner Jason Schappert. The creator of our Remotepilot101.com. This video course is now rated the #1 part 107 test prep course on the market, and for good reason! We have a 99.8% pass rate! Our team here at Airborne Works wants to take a moment to [...]

Malibu estates. Please view this link in hd. Parts of these shots are used in our web site intro. Hope you enjoy the video

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Aerial photography and video is so much more cost-effective than it was years ago before if you want to pictures from the air you’d have to hire a helicopter were fixed wing aircraft.  With the advent of high-tech drones with GPS guidance also equipped with high-resolution cameras. The industry of real estate especially is going to [...]

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